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Pilot FriXion – now made from 50% recycled plastic

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Pilot FriXion, the original and best-selling erasable pen is now less impactful on the environment as it is made from at least 50% recycled plastic (excluding replaceable parts).

This manufacturing process change not only helps reduce plastic waste by reusing recycled material but also brings a -34% reduction in terms of the CO2 impact of one pen produced with recycled plastic compared to one pen produced without recycled plastic.

The entire range of FriXion Ball pens in fine, medium and broad tip sizes are also refillable and data from Pilot shows the benefits of using refills in terms of reducing the whole life CO2 impact of the pen and refilling a FriXion Ball pen just three times reduces the CO2 impact by -56% compared to using four new pens.

So, with a FriXion Ball now made from 50% recycled plastic, if the end-user refills their one pen just 3 three times, the whole life CO2 savings are a significant -71%.

Where do these CO2 savings come from?

The biggest environmental impact of a pen is at the manufacturing stage. Using recycled instead of virgin plastic produces less CO2 and the manufacture of a refill compared to an entire new pen also reduces the amount of CO2 generated.

To find out more about Pilot FriXion and also the Begreen range of writing instruments which are made from at least 70% recycled plastic, please visit

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