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One more step towards environmental excellence & offsetting the C02 emissions of the pens

Since the early 2000s, PILOT, a world leader in the manufacture of writing instruments, has been committed to reducing the impact of its activity on the environment. As part of this process, in 2006, it launched BEGREEN: the world’s first range of pens made from more than 70% recycled plastic.

In line with its plans for transparency, credibility and targeted improvement, PILOT aims to make constant progress. The brand's next mission is therefore to offset the carbon footprint of the pens manufactured at its European factory, and do so as quickly as possible.

This relates to many of PILOT’s iconic models; when purchasing a V-5, V-7, G-2, Fineliner, B2P gel ink or ballpoint pen which are manufactured in Europe, consumers are buying a climate compensated product. This represents a total of over 33 million pens per year for 1,456,824 kg of C02.

“As a leading brand, we have to do our part to fight global warming and thus help to improve living conditions on Earth for the future generation.

For more than 100 years PILOT has supplied innovative and quality pens to help people express their uniqueness and achieve what matters most. Today, this cannot be done without taking climate issues into account. Protecting the environment is deeply embedded in our DNA and offering “compensated products” to our consumers is just one further but crucial step.” explains Urban Martell, Sales & Marketing Vice President, Pilot Corporation of Europe.

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