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Pilot FriXion to hit the big screens from June!

The Pilot Pen Company (UK) Ltd will be rolling out a new FriXion advert this Back to School for the market leading FriXion range of erasable pens.

First launched in 2006, the FriXion rollerball has grown to become is the best-selling rollerball in terms of sales value in the UK and is a family shoppers’ favourite over the Back-to-School season.

The new advert has been created to reaffirm Pilot FriXion in the minds of the key consumers as the original erasable pen in a fun and memorable way which clearly shows consumers the key features of the pens – Write, erase, repeat and refill.

Adam Smith, Marketing Manager for Pilot Pen UK explains “We strongly believe in investing in our end-user awareness campaigns and despite being the UK’s best-selling rollerball pen by sales value due to offering the optimum combination of writing performance and the convenience of it being erasable, we know that there are still a large number of potential users out there who are not yet aware such an amazing pen exists and so we are continually investing in new creative and wide-reaching media campaigns which will bring great benefits to our trade customers who stock the FriXion range”.

In addition, to help support the trade customers there is a complete FriXion BTS media kit available which includes: A3/A4 poster artwork, web banners, social media posts, email signatures as well as the advert itself in 3 different formats for usability across all digital media platforms.

The advert will launch in UK cinemas from the 10th June for a 10-week period and then from 25th July across Sky Digital channels in both the UK & Ireland, together with a targeted You Tube advertising campaign and Social Media Influencer program, covering a 12-week & 6-week period respectively.

The full advert can be viewed on Pilot’s YouTube channel

To find out more about the Pilot FriXion range of erasable writing instruments visit

Download the Pilot FriXion BTS Media Kit now - Click here to download

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