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The Pilot Set2Go range introduces the latest packaging innovation made of 100% recycled plastic. The set2go range delivers a smart pen holder system full of pens that doubles up as a fantastic desk organiser. The case is compatible with the majority of Pilot rollerball and ballpoint pens and is available across a number of product ranges including FriXion, V5/V7 and G2.

Ideal for students to carry their pens to and from classes or for office workers who "hot-desk" or work from home and need a quick and convenient way of transporting and organising their pens at their workspace.  


Set2Go - Frixion Ball x12 01.png
Set2Go - Step 1.png

1. Lid easily clips on and off

Set2Go - Step 2.png

2.  Lid clips to back of case

to form a stand

Set2Go - Step 3.png

3. Multiple Set2Go cases

can clip together

what are the key benefits of Set2Go?


The Set2Go case is made from 100% recycled PET plastic and at the end of its useable life can be disposed of in the household or office recycling bin.

Environmentally Responsible.


Multiple Set2Go cases can be clipped together.



Most Pilot rollerball and ballpoint pens fit in the Set2Go.



Unobtrusive and easily fits in a pocket or bag for portability.


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