Pilot Set2Go


The Set2Go is so much more than product packaging which looks good in store and protects the pens inside.  The Set2Go doubles as a reusable and long-lasting pen case and desktop pen holder for your Pilot pens.  It’s definitely not single-use plastic!

Ideal for students to carry their pens to and from classes or for office workers who “hot-desk” or work from home and need a quick and convenient way of transporting and organising their pens at their workspace.


Key benefits of the Set2Go:​

  • Environmentally responsible: The Set2Go case is made from 100% recycled PET plastic and at the end of its useable life can be disposed of in the household or office recycling bin.

  • Modular:  Multiple Set2Go cases can be clipped together.

  • Versatile:  Most Pilot rollerball and ballpoint pens fit in the Set2Go. 

  • Compact:  Unobtrusive and easily fits in a pocket or bag to for portability.

  • It looks cool!  A very minimalist and clean look that fits in with most working environments.

The Set2Go is available in a wide range of pre-packed and ready-to-use sets of Pilot’s most popular pens.

Where to buy Pilot Set2Go

The Pilot Set2Go pen collections are available to purchase from many stationery retailers, including:



High Street Stores


(Larger stores only)

Office Equipment Suppliers