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The Raiz ballpoint pen brings elegance and sophistication to your everyday life. Its oil-based ink delivers particularly soft writing and thus ensures an exceptionally high level of writing comfort. The stainless-steel tip therefore glides gently over the paper – without scratching. The elegant ballpoint pen is equipped with a black refill in medium-line thickness. Of course, the Raiz can be refilled with with Pilot's BRFN-30 refill, available in fine or medium tip. The high-quality ballpoint pen is available in a total of five different versions.

Raiz - 01 01.jpg

raiz ballpoint pen. 

product details. 

  • Elegant ballpoint pen

  • Retractable twist system

  • Stainless steel nib

  • Available in 5 coloured barrels (black, red, blue, matte black & silver stripe)

  • 1.0mm tip | 0.28mm fine line.

  • Refillable

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