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plastic free packaging. 

We're all wrapped up in using less plastic.

Current marketing practices oblige us to sell our pens with packaging. Since 2010, we have reduced quantities of virgin plastic by over 80% by using recycled plastic and FSC-certified cardboard. Since 2020, we have gone even further.

Our entire BEGREEN range is available with 100% recyclable cardboard packaging. All our e-commerce range is offered in 100% recyclable paper flowpacks. All formats of our logistical packaging are adapted to reduce empty space and are FSC certified.


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did you know?

Over 60 % of our products are refillable.

Many of our Pilot products are refillable. In this way, the environment can be easily protected. For example, by refilling your ballpoint pen or ink roller with a replacement refill, natural resources are saved and CO₂ emissions are minimized.


So if the ink in your whiteboard marker or the gel in your gel pen is coming to an end, that's no reason to buy a whole new pen right away. It is best to get replacement cartridges or replacement refills in advance, then you can immediately replace the refill and continue writing.

At Pilot the determination to be eco-responsible instils all our teams with drive and enthusiasm. From design through to sale, we put all our energy into minimising our environmental impact.

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