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pintor marker. 

Express your individuality and creativity in a vibrant range of colours with Pintor

The Pilot Pintor is a water-based paint marker which is suitable for use on most surfaces. It is perfect for customising, crafting, doodling, colouring and decorating anything that you can think of – your imagination is its only limitation.

The characteristics of Pintor ink means that it writes on all surfaces but the surface properties influence whether it is permanent or non-permanent.  On a porous surface such as wood, paper, cardboard, clothing fabrics or stone it is permanent whilst it is removable on non-porous surfaces such as plastic, glass, metal and chalk boards by wiping with a damp cloth and washing up liquid.  Designs can be coloured over with another colour once dry allowing some truly stunning art to be created with PINTOR.


The Pilot Pintor has key user benefits over other water-based paint markers in that the tip material is very strong and durable and the paint is quicker drying.


Available in 4 tip sizes and 30 pigment ink colours (classic, pastel, metallic & neon).

Pintor - EF - Green - Cap Off_edited_edited.png
Pintor - EF - Green - Cap Off_edited.png
Extra Fine.png
Pintor - F - Pasel Blue - Cap Off_edited.png
Pintor - F - Pasel Blue - Cap Off_edited_edited.png
Pintor - M - Black - Cap Off_edited_edited.png
Pintor - M - Black - Cap Off_edited.png
Pintor - B - GD - Cap Off_edited_edited.png
Pintor - B - GD - Cap Off_edited.png