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Make your Mark

The way you make your mark on the world is as unique as you are. The magic of handwritten, hand drawn and handmade has the potential to change you and change the world.


But this magic can get lost as we get older and spend more time in the digital world. Research proves that putting pen to paper helps us better understand ourselves, the world around us and where we fit into it all. Unlike adults, children spend their day handwriting, drawing and making, so we asked them to show us their world and make their mark.


Now we invite you, the grown-ups of the world to join us in exploring the benefits and celebrating the magic and power of the pen.

It’s your world.

Make your mark.

handwriting benefits.

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A reminder  how handwriting impacts our world.

Writing, it’s much more than ink marks on a piece of paper. It’s about bringing colours back to the world. It’s about getting involved. Writing is to free yourself. Writing is about going further. There will always be a Pilot pen in your life, to WRITE YOUR WORLD!


What does your

handwriting says about you?

handwriting activites to try.

be inspired.

Below is a gallery of all the amazing entries we received for our Mark Your Mark campaign. We wanted to share our love of handwriting, sketching, design and making marks of all kinds by inviting young people to pick up a pen and show the world who they are.

There's a PILOT pen for everyone.

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