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Join the millions of users of the Pilot V5 / V7 Hi-Tecpoint liquid ink rollerball pen around the world.

In two decades, the V5 Hi-Tecpoint liquid ink rollerball pen has become one of the most recognisable pens on the market, and today remains the reference on the market.

The unique Hi-Tecpoint tip provides an accurate trace of pure liquid ink, providing a bright and dense colour while its ink regulator system maintains a constant flow up to the very last drop.

Thanks to its transparent window located on the body of the Pilot pen, you can check the ink level at all times so you never be caught off guard.

liquid ink. 

The benchmark in comfort writing.

Tungsten Carbide Ball.png

Tungsten-carbide ball

Featuring on all of our liquid ink rollerball pens, this alloy is one of the secrets of Pilot's quality. It effectively resists deformations caused by shocks or being dropped. The ball retains its round shape and the line remains precise, regular and without blotches or leaks. The ball turns at the rate of 4 to 5000 turns per minute. This rotation generates a heat effect that makes the ink even more fluid. This ball is set in a stainless steel housing.

Hi-Tecpoint Tip.png

Hi-Tecpoint tip

Launched in 1984, the microball set in 3 or 4 dimples at the end of the Hi-Tecpoint has been exclusively patented by Pilot.

Unlike with unset balls, this technology makes it possible for the ink to flow more freely and improve the rotation of the ball for a more fluid result. The result is precise lines and exceptional writing comfort.

Ink Regulator.png

Ink regulator

A major reason why our liquid ink rollerball pens are so nice to write with. By temporarily storing surplus ink in membranes of different thicknesses, the ink regulator makes it possible to control the ink supply to the nib and thus regulate ink flow uniformly throughout the entire life of the pen.

ATT System.png

ATT system

The state-of-the-art technology in this cap lies in an ingenious spring adjusted around the nib, so that it is completely airtight. This system guarantees that a pen is ready to use and puts an end to problems of leaks or difficult priming of the ink.

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