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It is no coincidence that the Pilot G-2 is the best selling gel ink pen.

With its 0.7mm medium-sized tip, draw assured and fluid letters and lines. Admire its wide range of colours, 31 colours from the most creative to the most classic.

Its stainless steel tip and tungsten carbide ball is resistant to wear, falls and shocks. Its body made with robust materials and its long writing distance make it a reliable companion over time.

Its ergonomic design and grip guarantee and excellent grip and effortless writing hours. In addition, its retractable function makes it all the more practical and its clip allows you to carry this tool wherever you go. Once again, Pilot is committed to the environment with this rechargeable model and made with 70% recycled plastic. Adopt the G-2 gel ink rollerball pen for fluid and safe written expression on a daily basis.

gel ink. 

The original since 1997.

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The Absolute Benchmark

Pilot brings state-of-the-art writing solutions and innovation. The G-2 gel ink rollerball pen is no exception to the rule with an unwearable average tip of 0.7mm, for constant, accurate and smooth writing. Its long writing autonomy and ergonomic grip make the rollerball pen a reliable and durable companion for everyday writing.

Tungsten Carbide Ball.png

Tungsten-carbide ball

All elements of G-2 pens are designed for a long service life. Their tungsten-carbide ball guarantees a wear-resistant and non-deformable product and its body is very robust.

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G-2 pens are equipped with a retractable lead that protects you from involuntary pen traces and lost caps at the bottom of a bag. Maximum practically in a minimalist design. This eco-responsible pen is made from 70% recycled plastic (excluding ink and refills) and refillable.

G-2 31 Colours.png

31 colours

Available in more than 31 colours; the G-2 gel ink rollerball pen is also very useful for more festive writing and creative work. Its very soft and dense gel ink is available in neon, metallic and pastel colours.

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