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frixion erasable pens. 

The original and largest range of erasable writing, drawing and colouring pens...

Write, erase and rewrite as many times as you like – that's the beauty of Pilot FriXion pens! But just how can ink seemingly be written and then effortlessly removed without trace? Well, with FriXion's exclusive thermo-sensitive ink technology, mistakes can be corrected with ease using the integrated FriXion eraser tip which works in a similar way to a regular pencil eraser but with no mess, no dust, no paper damage.  Once erased you can then re-write over using the same pen!

There's a FriXion for everyone!

From the original and much-loved 'FriXion Ball', to erasable highlighters, colouring pens and fineliners, FriXion pens make writing more enjoyable.


did you know?

FriXion pens are refillable, so there is no need to buy a new FriXion pen when the ink runs.

The FriXion Ball, FriXion Clicker and FriXion Point pens have been designed to be refilled when the ink runs out.


Refilling your FriXion pen reduces plastic waste, creates less CO2 into the atmosphere... and also saves money compared to buying an entire new pen.

Refills are available for all Pilot FriXion tip sizes  - Fine, Medium and Broad.

Good to know - If you want your FriXion refills to last longer, choose the fine tip version as it will write 40% longer distance than the medium tip version.

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