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Write, ERASE and Rewrite as many times as you like – that's the beauty of Pilot FriXion pens! But just how can ink seemingly be written and then effortlessly removed without trace? Well, with FriXion's exclusive thermo-sensitive ink technology, mistakes can be corrected with ease using the integrated FriXion eraser tip which works in a similar way to a regular pencil eraser but with no mess, no dust, no paper damage.  Once erased you can then re-write over using the same pen!

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There's a FriXion for everyone!

From the original and much-loved'FriXion Ball', to erasable highlighters, colouring pens and fineliners, FriXion pens make writing more enjoyable.

FriXion Ball


Now made from a minimum 50% recycled plastic!

Keep the best, erase the rest with the first born of the family!

Write, Erase, Repeat! NEVER cross out again with FriXion Ball, the ORIGINAL erasable pen from Pilot!


Available in 3 tip sizes (Fine, Medium and Broad) and up to 15 ink colours*.


Did you know?

FriXion Ball pens are refillable.  Using a refill when the ink runs out, rather than a new pen will extend the life and further reduce the amount of plastic which you use in your daily life from going to landfill. 


Refilling the pen also brings a reduction in greenhouse gases and plastic consumption which is produced during the manufacture of an entire pen as opposed to just a refill.  From the manufacturing through to the end of the product life, it is estimated that refilling a FriXion pen just 3 times reduces the total environmental impact of the pen by -71% compared to buying an additional 3 new pens.

FriXion Clicker

FriXion Clicker Violet

All the features of the FriXion Ball with the added convenience of being retractable.


Available in 2 tip sizes (Fine and Medium) and up to 10 ink colours*.


FriXion Clicker Point (NEW)

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Featuring Pilots unique and innovative Synergy tip, it combines a fine and precise writing line with extremely smooth and consistent ink delivery.


Available in Black and Blue ink


FriXion Point

FriXion Point Green Pen

The fine tip version for a fine and precise line. 




Available in 7 ink colours.


FriXion Light

SW-FL Yellow.jpg

FRIXION LIGHT, the erasable highlighter from Pilot.  This unique and ingenious product allows you to highlight your work, and then erase (FriXion It) your highlights once you are done with them. 


Tired of working in pencil in course textbooks?  Use FRIXION LIGHT and simply ‘FriXion It’ before you give the book back!  With Pink, Green and Yellow to choose from, and with a funky tribal barrel design to help you stand out from the masses.


FriXion Light Soft


With subtle pastel shades of Pink, Green, Blue Violet and Orange to choose from, your highlighting will stand out in a unique way.


FriXion Fineliner


Take Pilot’s market-leading erasable ink technology and combine it with a precise felt-tip handwriting pen and what do you have?    The Pilot FriXion Fineliner.

No longer do you need to worry if you make a mistake adding colour and diagrams to your notes and course materials.  With the FriXion Fineliner you can write, draw, colour, ERASE and then start again. 

For younger writers, it’s the perfect alternative to a pencil and a great first step into writing with ink.  

Available in up to 12 colours.

1.3mm fibre tip gives a 0.45mm fine line.


FriXion Colors

Using FriXion Colors you can let your creativity run free to draw and colour.  If you don’t like the direction it’s heading, simply erase your mistakes with the attached eraser stud and start again.  The unique ink responds to heat generated by rubbing with the eraser and goes clear, allowing you to colour over again (or leave blank if you have cleaned up where you strayed over the lines).


Perfect for all ages and with a number of practical everyday uses, FriXion Colors is much more than just a felt-tip coloring pen.  As well as drawing and colouring, FriXion Colors is also perfect for marking up notes or reference points in textbooks.

The 2.5mm polyester fibre tip gives a 0.69mm colouring stroke.

CE Marked.

Available in a range of 12 ERASABLE colours:


FriXion LX


The full-bodied metal barrel provides a more premium writing feel and the six different barrel colours allows you to select a colour to reflect your personality.

Available in the following satin finishes – blue, silver, light green, red, gold and black there's a FRIXION LX for everyone!


0.7mm tip gives a 0.35mm medium line.

Barrel Colours:


FriXion Refills - Refill the pen, not the bin

Refills are available in a wide range of colours for the FriXion Ball, FriXion Clicker, FriXion Point and FriXion LX.

Click here to find out more about why it makes sense to refill Pilot FriXion Pens when the ink runs out.


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