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Write better with less...

Preserving the environment is a major challenge that has long guided our acts and thinking. At Pilot, we constantly innovate while sustainably involving ourselves to limit our impact on the planet. Transforming our pens to make them ever more eco-friendly is a genuine technological and human feat.


That’s why all our actions drive us to do better with less, to write the world of tomorrow with you.


More than a philosophy, the WRITE BETTER WITH LESS principle represents our approach aimed at reducing the ecological impact of our production while preserving our standards of quality and innovation.


This approach of constant improvement has been rewarded by achieving the very selective EMAS certification as well as the ISO14001 norm. Proud of these milestones, we are further pursuing our efforts through an action plan based on 4 essential pillars: our 4R’s - recycle, reduce, refill & reclaim.


Less waste to turn old into new, by using recycled plastic material to manufacture our pens.



recycled plastic

Since 2006, the Begreen range is the world’s first range of pens made of at least 70% of recycled plastic - and up to 90% for the B2P. In 10 years, we have increased the amount of recycled materials in our products by 50%.

Acroball Classic - Blue_edited.png
V5 Cartridge System - Green - Open_edited.png
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V Board Master - Bullet Tip - Blue_edited.png
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Less plastic in our packaging to save resources by using preferably recycled carton material in our packaging and FSC-certified cardboard. Since 2010, we have reduced quantities of virgin plastic by over 80% by using recycled plastic and FSC-certified cardboard.

Since 2020, our Begreen range is available with 100% recyclable cardboard packaging. All our e-commerce range is offered in 100% recyclable paper flowpacks.



recyclable packaging

B2P EcoBall - x3 Blister - Black, Blue, Green_edited.png
G-2 Green Pack - Black_edited.png
V7 Cartridge System - Blister - Black_edited.png


Less disposable to extend life duration. Change the refill, not the pen.

Using the same product several times instead of throwing it away is a gesture that’s simple, economical, and ecological. In this way by refilling a B2P Gel 3 times, you can cut CO2 impact by 37 to 71% compared to the single use of 4 pens.



of Pilot products are refillable

Frixion 07 Refills - Black_edited.png
B2P Refill_edited.png
WBS-VBM Refill - Black_edited.png
V57 Hi-Techpoint Cartridge System - Black Refill_edited.png


Less plastic in our oceans to reduce pollution. In partnership with TERRACYCLE, PILOT is adding reclaimed ocean waste to the recycled PET material used in the manufacture of the Iconic B2P range.



Between 8 - 12 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans annually, and 70% of such waste actually sinks to the seabed, where we are unlikely to be able to clean it up. It is key to collect plastic before it enters the oceans!

B2P Gel - Blue_edited.png
B2P EcoBall - Blue_edited.png
in partnership with
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Did you know?

Making things better and more responsibly has long been at the heart of our actions and research. Back in 2006 we launched our Begreen range, eco-designed products that are 85% refillable and manufactured with a minimum of 70% recycled plastic. This pioneering approach allowed PILOT to be the 1st manufacturer worldwide to offer more environmentally-friendly writing instruments.

This determination to be eco-responsible instils all our teams with drive and enthusiasm. From design through to sale, we put all our energy into minimising our environmental impact. DISCOVER MORE...

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