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Write better with less...

Making things better and more responsibly has long been at the heart of our actions and research.

Back in 2006 we launched our Begreen range, eco-designed products that are 85% refillable and manufactured with a minimum of 70% recycled plastic. (*  % of recycled material, excluding consumables.)


This pioneering approach allowed PILOT to be the 1st manufacturer worldwide to offer more environmentally-friendly writing instruments. This determination to be eco-responsible instils all our teams with drive and enthusiasm. From design through to sale, we put all our energy into minimising our environmental impact.

In the spirit of our willingness to be transparent, our environmental goals and results can be freely viewed here.

We aim to offer our BeGreen products at the same price and to the same high quality as our standard products. Pilot offers a wide range of Begreen environmentally friendly products that meet all your writing needs. Ballpoint pens, marker pens, whiteboard markers, highlighters and more.​​


Most Pilot Begreen writing instruments are refillable* and using a refill when the ink runs out, rather than an entire new pen reduces the amount of single-use plastics in daily life. Refilling a pen also brings a reduction in greenhouse gases as manufacturing an entire pen produces more Co2 than just a refill.

Discover the range complete range below:

The first pen range with
a minimum requirement
for recycled plastic:



By using recycled plastics, Pilot:

  • uses less oil

  • helps preserve our natural resources

  • reduces product               impact.

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