Pilot Rollerball pens -  leading the way for over 30 years!


Pilot writing instruments are well known for their high quality manufacturing and comfort of use.


Thanks to a very high level of innovation and product design, combined with great industrial determination, Pilot has launched successive products that have totally changed the face of the writing market.

What makes A Pilot Rollerball pen so special?


Tungsten-carbide balls

Featuring on all of our liquid ink and gel ink rollerball pens, this alloy is one of the secrets of Pilot's quality. It effectively resists deformations caused by shocks or being dropped. The ball retains its round shape and the line remains precise, regular and without blotches or leaks. The ball turns at the rate of 4 to 5000 turns per minute. This rotation generates a heat effect that makes the ink even more fluid. This ball is set in a stainless steel housing.


Hi-Tecpoint Tip

Launched in 1984, the microball set in 3 or 4 dimples at the end of the Hi-Tecpoint has been exclusively patented by Pilot.

Unlike with unset balls, this technology makes it possible for the ink to flow more freely and improve the rotation of the ball for a more fluid result. The result is precise lines and exceptional writing comfort.


Ink regulator

A major reason why our liquid ink rollerball pens are so nice to write with.  By temporarily storing surplus ink in membranes of different thicknesses, the ink regulator makes it possible to control the ink supply to the nib and thus regulate ink flow uniformly throughout the entire life of the pen.


ATT system

The state-of-the-art technology in this cap lies in an ingenious spring adjusted around the nib, so that it is completely airtight. This system guarantees that a pen is ready to use and puts an end to the problems of leaks or difficult priming of the ink.

Highlights of the Pilot Rollerball range


Join the millions of Pilot V5/V7 Hi-Tecpoint users worldwide. Over two decades the V5/V7 Hi-Tecpoint has risen to become one of the most instantly recognisable pens on the market, and still has the edge on competition today. The unique Hi-Tecpoint nib delivers a precise line of pure liquid ink, giving you a bright, dense colour, and the ink flow controller system keeps the flow consistent until the very last drop. You'll never be caught out with an empty pen thanks to the ink viewer window in the barrel of the pen.


Smooth and precise writing performance that won’t run out on you.  The Pilot V5/V7 Cartridge System is the world’s first refillable liquid ink needle tip rollerball.  Features include a Hi-Tecpoint tip for precise, clear writing and a visible ink level to ensure that you can clearly see when to refill it. The V5/V7 Cartridge System is also made from 71% recycled plastic.  Great for those who like to save money and reduce single-use plastic waste!  Available in four different colours of pure liquid ink, the V7 Cartridge System is an environmentally sustainable, pleasurable writing experience that you can keep using over and over again.


The benchmark in writing performance and vibrant ink colour.  Few pens write with the same ease as the Pilot V-BALL 0.7, the last word in luxury writing at an affordable price.  The tough cone shaped tip is resilient enough to take whatever life throws at you, making this the ideal pen for those on the move or with busy lifestyles. The liquid ink gives bright yet dense colour, and the ink regulator system ensures that the flow is consistent to the last drop. With seven colours to mix and match, the V-BALL 0.7 is perfect whether at school, in the office, or at home.


The iconic and best-selling G2 retractable gel pen from Pilot.  Favoured worldwide by professionals and the public alike, the smooth gel ink provides a blob-free and vivid writing experience from start to finish. 


With around thirty exciting colours and 3 tip sizes to choose from, there's a G2 for every occasion, and with refills available for the most popular colours, this is truly a pen that will stay with you for years.  The cushioned ergonomic grip and smooth curves of the pocket clip give the pen a simple yet elegant finish that fits in the pocket, pencil case or hand with equal ease, letting you simply write.

Update:  Black, blue, red and green ink variants of the G2 are now made from at least 50% recycled plastic - helping to reduce single-use plastic consumption.


Featuring a tip of unprecedented precision, Pilot's G-TEC C4 allows you to draw an incredibly thin 0.2mm line, making it perfect for those who need to write a large amount in a small area of the page. The smooth gel ink gives vivid and dense colour, and is available in NINE different colours, so whether you are drawing for an art project or making notes on a ledger sheet there is always a G-TEC C4 for you! 


The G-TEC C4 is also refillable, saving you money and reducing waste.


0.4mm tip gives a 0.2mm extra fine line.

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