FriXion Refills - Don't Bin It - Refill it!

There is no need to buy a new FriXion pen when the ink runs out!

Images of Pilot FriXion refills

A FriXion Ball or FriXion Ball Clicker is designed to be refilled when the ink runs out.


Refilling your FriXion pen reduces plastic waste, creates less CO2 into the atmosphere... and also saves money compared to buying an entire new pen.

Refills are available for all Pilot FriXion tip sizes  - Fine, Medium and Broad.

Good to know - If you want your FriXion refills to last longer, choose the fine tip version as it will write 40% longer distance than the medium tip version.

Save money by refilling your Pilot FriXion pens

This diagram shows how refilling a Pilot FriXion Pen 3 times can save you money.

If you have previously purchased a triple pack of Pilot FriXion Ball pens, the cost of purchasing a set of 3 refills for those same pens is around 39% less compared to purchasing 3 new complete pens*.

*  Based on manufacturer RRP of £12.59 inc. VAT for a triple pack of FriXion Ball and manufacturer RRP of £7.72 inc. VAT for a set of 3 FriXion refills. Prices of FriXion products can vary across different retailers.  

Help the environment by refilling your Pilot FriXion Pens

Now, this takes a bit of explaining, so please bear with us but it's well worth reading if you care about reducing your impact on the environment :-)


The extraction of raw materials used to make a pen and the subsequent manufacturing processes have the biggest environmental impact than at any other stage of a products life cycle.  To manufacture a complete pen uses much more raw materials and produces more CO2 into the atmosphere than manufacturing just the refill component.  Therefore, it stands to reason that refilling your Pilot FriXion pens means that:

a) By choosing a refill rather than an entire pen, the Carbon footprint of your writing is reduced.

b) You are reusing the plastic pen body and not sending it to landfill unneccesarily.

At Pilot, we have calculated the CO2 reduction which comes from taking one Pilot FriXion Ball and refilling it 3 times.... the CO2 impact is reduced by -56%, compared to using 4 new pens.

Remember we said that raw material extraction to manufacture a pen contributes to a lot of CO2?  Well, using recycled rather than virgin/new plastic produces less CO2.


It's therefore good to also know that all Pilot FriXion Ball pens are made from a minimum of 50% recycled plastic  This in itself means that the CO2 impact of one Pilot FriXion Ball produced with recycled plastic compared to one pen produced without recycled plastic is -34%.

Are you still with us?  One more point to make...

So, combining the act of refilling a pen which is made using 50% recycled plastic, with 3 refills, gives a CO2 saving of -71%, compared to using 4 entire new pens, which are not made from recycled plastic.

FriXion refills are available in 16 colours and 4 different tip sizes/types

Images of all FriXion Medium Refills
Images of FriXion Point refills

Where to buy genuine Pilot FriXion refills

FriXion refills are available to buy in many local independent stationery stores and national retailers including:

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